21 Apr

Quid Pro Quo on SB1? Say It Ain’t So

Rumors on the possibly illegal quid pro quo deal to get SB1 passed are heating up with Melissa Melendez, (R) Lake Elsinore, asking the Attorney General to look into the shady dealings. Melendez said the following in a news release:

“I am for working toward a solution and understand the need for compromise, but there is a big difference between compromise and bribery,”

I won’t hold my breath for the (D) Attorney General to look into the (D) Governor’s shading dealings in a State run lock, stock and barrel by (D)s. This is the same Governor who illegally used State workers to survey his private ranch without nary a repercussion because the rules, much like the taxes of SB1, fall squarely on the unconnected folks dont’cha know.

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