04 May

Josh Newman on The Hourly Struggle?

After reaching out to (D) California Senator Josh Newman’s local and Sacramento offices yesterday and talking to his local office off and on I managed to make contact. To be fair it was Senator Newman who made contact when he returned my call but I didn’t have him in my phone so I ignored him. Then he called again and I ignored him again. When I look at the number it didn’t look  like spam so I searches the interwebs, figured out who was calling and of course called him back. He called twice so credit there for persistence. The real story here is you know you’re somebody when you’re screening calls from Senators, amiright?

I would like to digress and say that his staff in both offices was super polite and seemed willing to address my concerns.

Senator Newman and I spoke for some time about SB1, ACA5 and the Recall effort being put together by Carl DeMaio out of San Diego. Newman was polite and responsive and when I popped the question as to if he’d be willing to come on our podcast, The Hourly Struggle, you won’t believe what he said…

Okay, you might believe it.

He said yes.

He would be willing to talk to us local blokes about these issues of great importance to the citizens of D29 and California in general. Even after addressing my concerns in our protracted conversation and knowing where I was coming from, which is quite opposite to his vote, he didn’t shy away. So there you have it folks – Senator Josh Newman will be on the next installment of The Hourly Struggle.

The show will be recorded tomorrow at 7am and technical difficulties notwithstanding we hope to have it up on FBLive the same as our intro show.

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