22 May

Episode 5 – Revenge of the Freeloaders


In episode 5 the freeloaders strike back — at our legislators and at Jerry Brown specifically. He recently called anyone opposed to the the new gas tax and vehicle license fee increase a freeloader. We take issue with that. As one of the heaviest taxed states in the union, we pay more than our fair share. We just want some accountability from Sacramento.

We also highlight the ridiculousness of the California Democratic Party flipping off President Trump¬†while democratic luminaries stood by and laughed. He also told single payer/universal health care protester to “Shut the f___ up and go outside.” California’s legislative leaders continue to antagonize the president and his administration and are likely going to cost the OC Sheriff’s Department tens of millions of dollars.

Also, is the recall really a waste of money? Can the state really say that when cities like Anaheim spends hundreds of thousands of dollars to fight parental choice in schools? But it’s ok. California is looking for new sources of revenue. Like taxing industries that haven’t even been established yet.

It’s all par for the course in California. Hopefully, we can change that.

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