22 May

Fiscally Fed-up or Just a Freeloader?

““The freeloaders — I’ve had enough of them,” Brown said”

That’s California’s Governor Jerry Brown insulting taxpayers who are fed up with the tax-and-spend-and-tax-some-more policies of Sacramento.

Hyperbole and demagoguery at it’s finest. Not to mention an insult to working Californians who want even a modicum of fiscal sanity for the taxes that are picked from our pockets year after year.

Over $6Billion is sent to the state via the current excise taxes on every gallon of gas sold in California. Then there’s the diesel taxes, weight fees, vehicle registration fees, carbon taxes, cap and trade taxes, regulations that artificially inflate the prices of our gas via our “special blend” and on and on and on ad infinitum. Then we have sales taxes and property taxes and fees out the wazoo for half of what we want to do in our day to day lives. Then we have the things that cost us time like licensing and permitting and regulatory red tape for things that typically aren’t even enforced once you get through the red tape.

Yet we’re freeloaders. The taxpayers.

Jerry Brown has refused to address how the already collected money is currently spent. He has refused to justify why we truly need more. He won’t address disparities in how California contracts services or rates we pa. He has refused to stem the tide of the Pension Tsunami ready to engulf our once great state. He has refused to do just about anything of substance to justify his newest taxes so of course he resorts to grandstanding and political theater.

If anybody in California could be labeled as a freeloader it’s the governor who used state time to survey his private property. It’s the governor who refuses to shut down the vanity project known as High Speed Rail. It’s the governor who cannot and will not explain why spiked pensions are more important than anything else in government.

Freeloaders? If wanting accountability from an overzealous and corrupt government makes me a freeloaders so be it. Sign me up.

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