25 May

Alternative Facts about The Hourly Struggle

Twain Truth

Much like Mark Twain’s adage about truth getting in the way of a good story, some folks never let facts get in the way of a good argument. This has led to the preponderance of what are now known as Alternative Facts which when I was a youngster we simply called “Factoids” or “Not Facts”.

Lately the (D)s of California have been on the offensive with their #AlternativeFacts thanks to the effort to recall State Senator Josh Newman owing to his vote to raise taxes. Amazingly the (D)s have been 100% on message and it looks like we here at The Hourly Struggle have become a target for their version of the truth.

To be fair they’ll also saying people should boycott stores where recall petition gatherers are located because (D)s don’t understand public property and the 1st Amendment.

To understand what I’m talking about here I offer an example that was sent to me from the NextDoor social network for local neighborhoods. This comment happened to be in my area (hence my screenshot) yet it would be safe to assume it’s in other neighborhoods:

NextDoor Lies about The Hourly Struggle

#AlternativeFacts on NextDoor

The first few comments were standard fare (D) support for Newman followed by a few anti-Newman comments before I jumped into the fray.

Here’s the issue. It’s lies. I’m sorry, I mean #AlternativeFacts or #FakeNews or whatever the propaganda minster has decreed today.

First off neither Sean nor myself are (R)s. I’ve been registered as “Decline to State”, which is now called “No Party Preference” in California, since I registered to vote at age 18. I nearly joined the (L) party once but I’ve never been a member of the GOP or any other party.  Likewise Sean is not a member of the GOP. To claim otherwise is an outright lie. To further claim that we’re simply “crybabies” owing to a lost (R) seat, when we both voted FOR Newman, is to stretch the truth beyond recognition and into  the realm of #AlternativeFacts.

Next is the little issue concerning our lack of connection to the recall against State Senator Josh Newman. We haven’t been, nor have we claimed to be, collecting signatures in any capacity. We are not affiliated with Carl DeMaio out of San Diego who is running the recall effort. We also are not connected to Travis Allen out of Huntington Beach who is running an effort to bring a gas tax repeal initiative to the ballot.

While we support these efforts we are not in fact connected to either campaign. Pesky things those facts can be sometimes. That’s a lot of lying in one little paragraph.

But this is the new normal. We’ve seen these same type of factoids and accusations popping up on our Facebook, Twitter, website here and apparently we’re being slammed on Nextdoor and other social networks. All the same lies being perpetuated by the same people supporting the robbing of taxpayers to support the largess of government.

The idiotic part of the attacks on us is that, as stated above, we both voted FOR Newman over his (R) opposition. Newman is a likeable guy who played up his veteran status and his desire to not be a tool of his party. His voting record betrayed that and thus betrayed our votes for him. You cannot continue to have my support when you vote to rob more Californians via higher taxes. Nobody in Sacramento cares how money is spent and voting to add more taxes without ever holding the system to account is dishonorable and ethically reprehensible.

I look at Josh Newman the way I look at a lot of people in that he’s somebody I like but I don’t think he’s suited to the job he has chosen. I don’t think he’s a bad guy and I’d have a beer with him anytime but he’s wrong in a way that is bad for all of California and worse for taxpayers. I stand by the point that I like Josh Newman as a person but that doesn’t translate into blind loyalty or continued support when he hasn’t earned it.

I cannot trust that he won’t vote to further bankrupt working Californians as his party is wont to do. I cannot trust that he won’t vote to drive businesses from our state as is also his party’s wont. If my choice is between wanting a recall or waiting for 4 years to stem the tide of fiscal lunacy I’ll take recall every time. He’s in my district and I voted for him and I feel betrayed by his voting record so I want him recalled and that’s where it ends.

Frankly I find it laughable that the (D)s have resorted to such obvious lies to make their case to protect Newman. If that’s the best strategy they can come up with then Newman is toast once the recall qualifies.

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