27 Jun

Brown Signs Budget and Guts Right to Recall


Today Governor Jerry Brown signed the 2017-2018 Budget and with a stroke of his pen made recalls in California more expensive and more burdensome. This is owing to the trailer bill, SB96, which was added by Senate Democrats at the last minute.

SB96 is nothing more than cynical ploy to protect freshman Senator Josh Newman from the ongoing recall effort which was launched after his vote on SB1, the controversial transportation tax that was never put to voters. Polls show that SB1 is so unpopular and would never have passed in this tax-friendly state and the Democratic Party of California will do anything to maintain their super-majority in order to guarantee that they can continue to run roughshod over we the rate-payers.

Josh Newman currently represents California 29th Senate District which he won by approximately 2,500 votes over his (R) challenger.

The recall effort being led by Carl DeMaio of KOGO600 in San Diego is on track to gather enough signatures to force a vote on the question of recalling Newman. The reporting deadline of 30 June fast approaching and time will tell how the whole issue will play out.

Senate District 29

26 Jun

Episode 10 – Wanna Buy Some Legislators?

I got all the legislators you need.

Hey kids, wanna buy some legislators?

In this episode we delve into the latest information on the recall in California state senate district 29. We also discuss the messaging from Reform California and Carl DeMaio and how problematic it is and will be unless something changes. The OCDA is also on the menu as we talk about the latest black eye for the department. Joshua and Sean then go into a long discussion about the lack of accountability in Sacramento. No one is held accountable for anything they do in the legislature. Read More

19 Jun

Episode 9 – Turning Dirty Tricks for Higher Pay

The prostitutes are dirty. So dirty.

This episode is just chalk full of dirty tricks. In it we get into a pretty lengthy update on the recall in state senate district 29. There are dirty tricks afoot. We also get into the pay raises that our legislators and constitutional officers just received from a governor appointed committee. Then there’s the findings of the grand jury in the OCDA/OC Sheriff jailhouse informant scandal. Oh, did you know Rep. Ed Royce has a new challenger for his congressional seat? Well he does, and we delve into that. Finally, we get into the burgeoning ecological and health related nightmare that’s brewing in the Salton Sea. Read More

13 Jun

Ling Ling Change Tries to Crush Newman Recall


Today word broke on the Twitters that Ling Ling Chang was planning to run in the recall against Senator Josh Newman. She has since denied this story.


If she isn’t running then why was a leak put out that she was running? Because it’s trial balloon to gauge support for her second bite at the D29 apple. She’s a terrible choice for the recall. First of all she, as an incumbent, lost to a candidate in a bear suit in a district that had been held by the GOP for generations.

Second to that her running takes the narrative of #ResistNewman and #ResistTheGasTax to #MulliganforLingLing. It turns a recall over tax and spending lunacy and flips into the sour grapes narrative that the CA (D)s have been claiming since the paperwork against Newman was pulled.

I have it on good authority that Ling Ling was balked at by donors and that she doesn’t have much support in the party. Word on the street is that her people leaked this #FakeNews as a way to try and suck all of the oxygen out of the room and keep other potential candidates from getting in her way to her second loss by KO.

This is a desperation play by Chang and she is not, according to my source, set to be the anointed candidate.

12 Jun

Episode 8 – Democracy in Peril

This is an insult to democracy.

There is an important update on the recall of Josh Newman. Our illustrious legislators are trying some underhanded tricks to try and improve Newman’s odds of surviving the recall. Our very democracy is under attack. We also discuss how Californians love to get new entitlements, but not when we have to pay for them. We also took question submitted by locals via the Nextdoor app and Facebook questions. Don’t forget to check out our website for more articles and information on the stories we talked about in this episode. Read More