03 Jun

Cap & Trade Fails is CA Assembly

Cap and Trade

While the internet was exploding over the Trump administration exiting the Paris Climate Accords a more local measure was slowing dying in the California Assembly.

AB378 was the renewal of the California Cap & Trade Program and it went down by a vote of 35-39-6. Owing to it amounting legally to a tax it needed the support of the (D) Super-Majority in the Assembly to make it to the 2/3 threshold to pass. Much to my surprise it didn’t even come close to the 54 needed Aye votes.

It’s not as though the (D)s in Sacramento have been gun-shy about raising our taxes this legislative session. With the newest transportation themed tax on the working poor (SB1) and the Senate passed take-over of healthcare in California (SB562) now pending in the Assembly it is curious what stopped them from extending Cap & Trade?

Since the (R)s have come to agree with (D)s on Cap & Trade, even if it is just a tactical surrender owing to the irrelevance of the CA GOP, it makes the question even more quizzical.

Are the (D)s starting to feel pressure to slow down and not just drive our state further into the ground at breakneck speeds? Is the Newman Recall having an impact? What say you?


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