12 Jun

Episode 8 – Democracy in Peril

This is an insult to democracy.

There is an important update on the recall of Josh Newman. Our illustrious legislators are trying some underhanded tricks to try and improve Newman’s odds of surviving the recall. Our very democracy is under attack. We also discuss how Californians love to get new entitlements, but not when we have to pay for them. We also took question submitted by locals via the Nextdoor app and Facebook questions. Don’t forget to check out our website for more articles and information on the stories we talked about in this episode.

Lead Story – Legislature Passes Bill that will Neuter the Recall



California State Senate amended and passes SB-96, which, among other things does the following:

  • Allows for 60 free days for the signatures to be verified
    • 30 days for recall signers to withdraw their signature
    • 30 days for the Department of Finance to estimate the cost of the recall election
      • The Department of Finance then has 21 days to publish their cost estimate
    • Random sampling of signatures to prove validity would no longer be accepted. Each signature must be verified.
      • The random sampling method was 3% of total signatures or 500, whichever was larger.
  • This would be applied retroactively, which means it would affect the recall of Josh Newman.
  • Election officials would also have to put the cost of the election in the voter guide.

Californians Don’t Like the Gas Tax


A new survey from UC Berkeley’s Institute of Governmental Studies found that 58% of registered voters in California oppose SB-1, the gas and car tax.

  • Opposition is widespread
    • 39% strongly oppose and 19% somewhat oppose
    • “Voters in all major regions of the state other than the Bay Area, all listed races and ethnic subgroups, and all age categories over 30 are unhappy about it. Strongly liberal voters are the only group in which a large majority supports the law.”
  • This could be disastrous to legislators who supported the bill and are up for reelection in 2018

Local Story – Brea is full of Racists, I guess


Gustavo Arellano doubles down on the Brea is full of racists story.

  • “The KKK was terrorizing minorities as recently as last summer. And now there’s this: a Brea eighth-grader told a black classmate that because of Trump’s presidential victory, she would have to ‘go back to Africa—where you belong.'”
  • Arellano asserts Brea was founded by members of the Ku Klux Klan.
    • He claims the names of these Klansmen can be found on membership rolls available at the Anaheim History Room.
    • This has set off a firestorm of angry comments from residents, both against the incident at the school and against Arellano for the tenor and direction of his story.
      • Essentially, it’s “Hey Brea, you know your city was founded by racists? Looks like nothing much has changed.”
  • My (Sean’s) issue with this whole story is just because a city was founded by a group almost 100 years ago doesn’t mean that group or their beliefs still influence the citizens in any way.
    • Arellano’s story is purposely inflammatory, and insults a lot of good people.

Laguna Beach Requires $100+ Permit for Any Kind of Public Photo Shoot


  • If you want to take non-commercial photos in public areas of Laguna Beach, you have to purchase a $100 (minimum) permit.
    • “‘Film Permits are required for all motion pictures, video and still photography when filming activity takes place on City of Laguna Beach property including parks, beaches, streets, sidewalks, and buildings,’ the city’s website states. ‘We offer two types of film permits: Non-Commercial Still Photo Permits and Commercial Photo Permits.'”
    • The fee is a minimum of $100 for a 2-hour shoot, and $50 for each additional hour.
  • A commercial photography permit (wedding photos, etc.) will run you $150 PLUS a $440 day use fee. A grand total of $590!
  • Josh can bring up his experience with a “professional camera” at ARTIC.

Californians Like Universal Healthcare…Unless They’re Taxed For It


  • A new poll shows 65% of Californians are in favor of a single payer healthcare system
    • However, the same poll showed that the support drops to 42% if the system would require new taxes to pay for it
      • This is obviously going to be the case.
        • Even the rosiest of projections include the necessity of a tax increase to make the program feasible.
  • This just shows that Californians are ignorant when it comes to entitlement programs
    • We like getting stuff, we just don’t like paying for stuff


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One thought on “Episode 8 – Democracy in Peril

  1. Josh Newman once campaigned to “take back California” (supposedly from the party bosses and special interest groups that now fundraise for him), but his in-office slogan as senator plays to a much different jingle: Back off voters or I’ll stab both you and your constitutional right of recall in the back. Just another of the many voter miscalculations made by Newman, and this latest error in judgment only lends more credence to the urgent need for his immediate recall.

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