13 Jun

Ling Ling Change Tries to Crush Newman Recall


Today word broke on the Twitters that Ling Ling Chang was planning to run in the recall against Senator Josh Newman. She has since denied this story.


If she isn’t running then why was a leak put out that she was running? Because it’s trial balloon to gauge support for her second bite at the D29 apple. She’s a terrible choice for the recall. First of all she, as an incumbent, lost to a candidate in a bear suit in a district that had been held by the GOP for generations.

Second to that her running takes the narrative of #ResistNewman and #ResistTheGasTax to #MulliganforLingLing. It turns a recall over tax and spending lunacy and flips into the sour grapes narrative that the CA (D)s have been claiming since the paperwork against Newman was pulled.

I have it on good authority that Ling Ling was balked at by donors and that she doesn’t have much support in the party. Word on the street is that her people leaked this #FakeNews as a way to try and suck all of the oxygen out of the room and keep other potential candidates from getting in her way to her second loss by KO.

This is a desperation play by Chang and she is not, according to my source, set to be the anointed candidate.

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