25 Jul

Episode 14 – Bust a Cap and Trade

Cap and Trade

Episode 14 – Bust a Cap and Trade

Tonight we talked about the insanity that is Cap and Trade and the betrayal of the California Republican party. There’s at least there’s one Republican who hasn’t lost their mind, but she decided to give up her leadership position as a form of protest. We also delve into the lie that is Cap and Trade and the horsetrading nonsense that went on to pass it. We also talk about the lie the Republicans told themselves (and the rest of us) to justify their vote for Cap and Trade. We finish with a story about how some California legislators plan on dealing with the affordable housing crisis. Stay positive out there. All hope is not lost. Read More

17 Jul

Episode 13 – Cause of Death: Cap and Trade

The cause of death was Cap and Trade

Cap and Trade has been extended in California until at least 2030, and Jerry Brown couldn’t be happier. He sold his soul to ensure California businesses and, most importantly, residents will be forced to struggle for their very existence. We aren’t very positive in this episode. Yet again, a Republican has broken rank and sold out the rest of the state in order to ensure Jerry Brown’s legacy. We break down what will probably happen, and it isn’t good. Read More

10 Jul

Episode 12 – Democrats vs Democrats

The battle of the century!

Episode 12 – Democrats vs Democrats

The Democrats really decided to screw the pooch on this one. Instead of arguing policy or politics, they chose to go low and sue college students. Classy. We discuss the democrats’ lawsuit against CSUF’s College Republicans in their latest effort to invalidate the recall of Josh Newman. But it doesn’t stop there. Apparently, some democrats aren’t democraty enough for the progressive wing of their own party. There is a civil war a-brewin’ in the democrat caucus, and we’re all getting seats to watch the fireworks. As we discuss the civil war, we also bring up the fact that the democrats didn’t really plan out SB562, the universal healthcare bill, very well. Prop 98, the mandatory school funding measure passed in 1988, kinda puts a damper on any increase in the budget to pay for single-payer. Finally, we way the merits of declaring 4 different nuts the official state nut. Super important work going on in Sacramento. Read More

03 Jul

Episode 11 – Ferguson for Senate!

Will Joshua Ferguson be our next state senator?

We have a big announcement to make here at The Hourly Struggle. Our very own Joshua Ferguson has decided to run against Josh Newman in the recall election. We get into how Mr. Ferguson came to this decision and what he hopes to accomplish with his campaign. We then get into the Democrats’ new ploy to keep Josh Newman in office by manipulating an interpretation of campaign finance law so they can donate more money to Newman’s war chest. Then we have a discussion about how liberal groups in the state are eating their own over the shelving of SB562 – California’s universal healthcare bill. Finally, we get into a debate about whether being a conservative in California is really worth it and if we should just all move to Arizona or Texas.

Check out Mr. Ferguson’s campaign website at JoshuaFerguson.com and FergusonForSenate.com.

Donate to the Ferguson For Senate campaign here. Read More