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Episode 11 – Ferguson for Senate!

Will Joshua Ferguson be our next state senator?

We have a big announcement to make here at The Hourly Struggle. Our very own Joshua Ferguson has decided to run against Josh Newman in the recall election. We get into how Mr. Ferguson came to this decision and what he hopes to accomplish with his campaign. We then get into the Democrats’ new ploy to keep Josh Newman in office by manipulating an interpretation of campaign finance law so they can donate more money to Newman’s war chest. Then we have a discussion about how liberal groups in the state are eating their own over the shelving of SB562 – California’s universal healthcare bill. Finally, we get into a debate about whether being a conservative in California is really worth it and if we should just all move to Arizona or Texas.

Check out Mr. Ferguson’s campaign website at JoshuaFerguson.com and FergusonForSenate.com.

Donate to the Ferguson For Senate campaign here.

Lead Story – Joshua Ferguson is running for State Senate


  • You’ve stated before that you didn’t intend to run. What changed your mind? Why are you running?
    • Did you feel like you were forced to run? Why?
  • What makes you qualified to run for state senate?
  • You are registered as No Party Preference (NPP). Will you affiliate with either of the two main parties during the election or will you remain NPP?
    • Has anyone approached you from either party?
    • What obstacles might you encounter if you are not affiliated with either of the two main parties?
  • What makes you different from any other candidates or potential candidates for this office?
    • How are you different from Josh Newman?
  • What do you hope to accomplish in the 29th District?
    • How do you intend to represent 3 different counties?
  • What is your vision for California?
    • How do you intend to see this vision through when, if elected, you will inevitably be in the minority in the state legislature?
    • Would you be able to work with politicians from the other side of the ideological divide to get things done in Sacramento?
  • What are your key issues, if any?
    • Taxes? Environment? Muh roads?
  • Sacramento seems to have a slight problem with transparency. What would you like to see done to improve the ease of dissemination of information from Sacramento?
    • They also have a tendency to pass bills that favor their own self-interest. What would you do if faced with a bill like SB96?
  • Why is this election important to you?
  • What is your history in this area? Josh Newman was a transplant from Northern California and this area tends to attract carpetbaggers at all levels of government. Do you have strong ties to the community?
  • Why should we vote for you?
  • You’re running an independent campaign, correct? How can people donate to help your campaign?

Recall Update – California Dems Try to Change the Rules Again


  • The California Fair Political Practices Commission set the limit on personal contributions to state senate or assembly campaigns at $4,400 per person.
    • This has been the Commission’s stance for over a decade (since the 2003 recall of then Gov. Gray Davis).
    • Democrats in the state legislature are now asking the Commission to reexamine its position.
      • They want to be able to funnel out of district money into Josh Newman’s coffers to help fund the effort to defeat the recall.
      • “Unlike the perpetrators of this fraudulent recall attempt, Senate Democrats are committed to properly interpreting and adhering to the law ,” said Jason Kinney, a spokesman for Senate Democrats. “Given the exigency of the issue, it seems logical and appropriate that the bipartisan FPPC would want to consider the matter quickly.”
        • I understand they are against the recall, but calling it fraudulent is really insulting to every voter who signed the petition.
    • Republicans tried to do the same thing in 2008 to help Sen. Jeff Denham during the campaign to recall him.
      • The FPPC did not change its position then.
  • An attorney for Newman is begging the Commission to expedite a review of their position.
    • Because the proponents of the recall have submitted 85,000 signatures and the pace of the recall is accelerating, time is against Newman and his team.
    • They are trying every trick they can to delay or derail this recall.
  • The Democrats in Sacramento are not afraid of stacking the deck in Newman’s favor to keep him in office.
    • They already have with the changes made to the recall election rules set forth in SB96.
    • This would be yet another way for them to circle the wagons and consolidate power.
  • The Commission agreed to reinstate their July meeting (previously cancelled because of a prescheduled office/location move).
    • This means there could be a potential new ruling/interpretation as early as August.
  • The Democrats in Sacramento have absolutely no shame. The only thing that matters to them is staying in power.

California Story – The Democrats Eat Their Own


  • Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon (D) is facing extreme backlash over his decision to shelve SB562, the California Single-Payer Healthcare Bill.
    • He has said publicly that the bill is woefully inadequate and doesn’t explain how to pay for the system, how it will be administered, and is missing many other crucial pieces of logistical planning.
    • Rendon ostensibly doesn’t want to pass an incomplete bill just to say he did.
      • He apparently has more restraint that the rest of his party.
  • The backlash has come from groups that normally support the democrats – Unions and liberal activists.
    • “In recent days, we have become alarmed and disheartened by bullying tactics, threats of violence, and death threats by a few who disagree with the decision of Speaker Anthony Rendon to postpone the advancement of SB 562,” they said, referring to the scrapped single-payer health care bill. “While it is appropriate for persons of varying views to express concern, disapproval or disfavor about the delay, it is never acceptable to engage in those tactics.”
    • Pictures and memes have been circulating on social media claiming Rendon is the sole reason single-payer is California is dead.
      • One tweet suggested that someone should “check his schedule for baseball practice” – an obvious reference to the shooting of US Rep. Steve Scalise.
      • The Nurses Union, the most vocal supporters of SB562, have denied any of their members have made the threats, but they remain extremely critical of Rendon and his decision.
  • Assembly Democrats are trying to calm Rendon’s critics and decrying the calls for violence.
    • “The political campaign of 2016 was filled with verbal attacks and even calls for violence. These are tactics that we all abhor. Let us not become the persons that we detest,” they said.
  • “It certainly wasn’t a bill,” Rendon told The Hill. “There was absolutely no funding attached to a $400 billion proposal, no service delivery mechanism.”

California Story – What is Wrong with California


  • Opinion piece on the state of California politics.
    • Essentially posits that California’s metro centers (specifically the Los Angeles and Bay Areas) drive the politics of the rest of the state.
      • Highlights the differences between rural and urban areas and their values, concerns, etc.
      • Urban areas are the geographic minority, but they also house the majority of the state’s population.
        • As such, California often gets a reputation as a liberal state, even though there are plenty of conservatives here as well.
        • The major city centers are typically liberal, so that leads to the assumption that the rest of the state is as well.
    • Compares the results of 2016 presidential election to California’s situation.
      • Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, but lost the Electoral College.
        • Discussion about the purpose of the electoral college here?
      • California elections have no such protections against the “tyranny of the majority.”
        • Practically all state-wide offices will invariably go to democrats simply because of the political demographics of largely populated cities.
          • This is practically guaranteed with California’s current “Top Two” primary system.
  • The common suggestion to conservatives in California is to just move.
    • “Sure, it may seem easy to some people to just pick up and move, but it is not that easy for all of us. Some of us have jobs and positions that can’t be performed elsewhere – farmers especially. Some of us can’t even afford a move. Some of us grew up here, have family, history, ties. Some of us can’t stomach the thought of abandoning what might be the most beautiful state in the union.”
    • https://www.reddit.com/r/California_Politics/comments/6kndk5/interesting_summary_of_the_political_state_of/
      • The responses to my comments in this thread were basically “if you don’t like it, leave.”
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