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Episode 14 – Bust a Cap and Trade

Cap and Trade

Episode 14 – Bust a Cap and Trade

Tonight we talked about the insanity that is Cap and Trade and the betrayal of the California Republican party. There’s at least there’s one Republican who hasn’t lost their mind, but she decided to give up her leadership position as a form of protest. We also delve into the lie that is Cap and Trade and the horsetrading nonsense that went on to pass it. We also talk about the lie the Republicans told themselves (and the rest of us) to justify their vote for Cap and Trade. We finish with a story about how some California legislators plan on dealing with the affordable housing crisis. Stay positive out there. All hope is not lost.

California Story – Cap and Trade


  • Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez (R-Lake Elsinore) resigned as assistant Republican leader because of Chad Mayes’ vote on Cap and Trade.
    • “Californians are struggling to make ends meet and unfortunately, what I have witnessed by the Assembly Republican Leader is a dereliction of duty to preserve and promote the American Dream for every single Californian. Assemblyman Mayes’ actions on cap-and-trade demonstrate we no longer share the same leadership principles. I was elected by the people of my district to fight for a more affordable and decent California, a place where every Californian knows their child will have a better life than their own. Regrettably, I can no longer, in good conscience, serve as the assistant Republican leader.”
  • Apparently, Mayes has become an environmental warrior.
    • He claims extending the program to 2030 would clean up the environment while saving “ordinary Californians” around $16 billion a year.
  • It’s nice to see at least some Republicans in Sacramento haven’t sold their souls.
  • The 8 Republicans who voted to extend Cap and Trade have said extending the program might actually help kill high speed rail.
    • “In extending California’s cap-and-trade system of controlling greenhouse-gas emissions through 2030, lawmakers approved a Republican plan this week to put a constitutional amendment before voters that seeks to give the minority party more say over how the program’s money is spent. One-fourth of that money — more than $1 billion so far and $500 million projected a year in the future — goes toward high-speed rail, a project that Republicans widely oppose.”
    • “This absolutely calls into question the viability of high-speed rail going forward,” said Assemblyman Marc Steinorth, R-Rancho Cucamonga (San Bernardino County), who voted to extend cap and trade in part because of the proposed constitutional amendment. “If the bullet train can’t prove its worth, (this amendment) provides a pathway to ending the funding for the boondoggle once and for all.”
      • If this isn’t a pie-in-the-sky day dream scenario, I don’t know what is.
      • For high speed rail to be defunded, a number of things would have to happen:
        • Voters would have to approve a constitutional amendment in June, which would provide for a one-time increase the voting threshold needed to decide where the cap and trade tax monies are spent…in 2024.
          • Until 2024, high speed rail would continue to receive funding (likely a lot of it).
          • By that time, would the legislature actually vote to defund it? After years of construction? Maybe, maybe not.
          • However, the potential for state funding to be cut off might be enough of a deterrent to keep outside funding from materializing.
  • http://www.latimes.com/politics/la-pol-ca-jerry-brown-climate-change-law-20170725-story.html
    • Jerry Brown signed the Cap and Trade bill into law.
      • He is so proud of himself. They all are.
      • Former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger was there to support him and to talk trash on Republicans across the country.
        • Does Schwarzenegger still consider himself a Republican?
    • “The program, the only one of its kind in the country and an international model in the fight against global warming, is designed to provide a financial incentive for companies to pollute less. It requires oil refineries, power plants, food processors and other facilities to buy permits to release greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere.”
      • Do they really think these companies won’t pass on these costs to consumers?
    • “Cap and trade was slated to expire in 2020, but the new law extends it until 2030, turning the five-year-old program into a more permanent fixture of California’s environmental agenda. The state will also continue generating billions of dollars by selling emission permits, providing a source of funding for building the bullet train from San Francisco to Los Angeles, another priority for the governor.”
      • The balls on this guy.

California Story – Affordable Housing



  • There are a number of potential solutions for the housing crisis being bandied about in Sacramento.
    • SB2 would levying a new fee of $75 – $225 on real estate transactions.
    • SB3 would put a $3 billion general obligation bond to voters.
    • SB35 would streamline the approval process for new construction.
    • AB71 would eliminate the mortgage deduction for second (and third, fourth, etc.) homes.
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