21 Aug

Episode 17 – Unlimited Solar Power!

The Disney Solar Power Afternoon.

In this episode we spend a good deal of time talking about solar power and the pros and cons of its use. Our guest Erik Wehn gives us some insider information about the electrical industry and public utilities. You can check out all the charts we discussed here. Then we get into the recall and Chad Mayes’ nonsense in Sacramento. Man, it’s getting crazy around here.

Eclipse Special – Guest Commentary


  • What happens to our energy grid when there’s a total solar eclipse?
    • Does an eclipse affect solar panel collection?

Follow Up Story – LA/OC/SB Solar Farm


  • Would our electrical grid support large-scale alternative/solar energy use?
  • What goes into building a solar farm?
  • What are the dangers/benefits of a city having a solar farm?
  • How long does it take to build one?

Recall Update – The Recall Has Qualified

  • According to an email from Carl DeMaio, the recall petition against Josh Newman has qualified for the ballot.
    • Los Angeles County Verified Signatures – 7,516
    • Orange County Verified Signatures – 55,668
    • San Bernardino County Verified Signatures – 3,105
    • Total Verified Signatures – 66,289
      • Total needed to trigger the recall – 63,593
      • This should trigger the election for the fall – either October or November.
      • Alex Padilla has 10 days to certify the count.
  • Democrats are still trying to throw every roadblock they can against the recall to protect Newman and his seat.
    • http://www.sacbee.com/news/politics-government/capitol-alert/article168400777.html?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter
      • Amendments to AB-132 and SB-117 became public today.
        • Both bills are written to reenact the Newman-friendly provisions of SB-96 that were stayed by the California Supreme Court.
          • Voters would have 30 days to withdraw their names from the petition.
          • Budget Committee would have another 30 days to issue a financial impact statement on any potential recall elections.
          • All signatures would need to be verified instead of sampling.
            • That’s already happened in this election.
          • Padilla’s office would have increased “voter education and community outreach…including, but not limited to, direct contact with voters” for elections in 2018.
      • “It remains in the overwhelming public interest to safeguard the integrity of California’s recall process and to ensure that recall petitions are not being signed under false and fraudulent pretenses – which is what clearly and blatantly occurred in the 29th Senate District,” Jonathan Underland, spokesman for Kevin de Leon said in a statement Monday. “This is good public policy that will enhance the security, integrity and transparency of California’s overall recall process going forward and expect it will be passed quickly.”
      • This is just another in a long line of shameless machinations by the democrats to protect their supermajority.

Recall Update – Newman Responds to the Recall


  • “Today’s reporting by the Registrar Offices does nothing to change the fact that the recall proponents collected signatures by lying to voters in blatant violation of the law.
  • “Thousands of voters have asked to have their names removed from the petition after learning they’d been lied to. The Registrar’s signature count reflects nothing more than a massive flaw in the recall system that has allowed paid, out-of-district special interests to trick voters into signing an intentionally misleading petition.
  • “Just over half a year ago, the voters of this district chose me to deliver principled leadership and aggressive advocacy for them in Sacramento. This is exactly what I’ve been doing since taking office, and I firmly believe they’ll see the truth beyond this cynical and underhanded recall effort.”
  • Our very own Joshua Ferguson penned a rebuttal to all of Newman’s points.

California Story – Chad Mayes Makes His Case


  • Chad Mayes penned an Op-Ed in Saturday’s OC Register.
    • Mayes argues that the Republican brand is in desperate need of change in California.
      • Registration is 26% statewide.
      • In 39 assembly districts (nearly half the state) No Party Preference registration is higher than Republican registration.
        • “We are not relevant in presidential or U.S. Senate elections, and haven’t won a statewide office in more than a decade. Republicans no longer have the luxury of time, inflexible ideology or intraparty squabbles.”
      • He claims that for Republicans to succeed in this state, they must listen to “all Californians.”
      • Republicans must embrace new ideas and not be afraid to change.
        • “Republicans have a choice: We can remain in a state of denial and continue to lose elections, influence and relevance, or we can move forward boldly to articulate and apply our principles in a way that resonates with a changing California. To me, the choice is clear.”
      • He makes the case that as assembly leader he has forged alliances with groups that Republicans have ignored for decades, taken up many traditionally non-Republican causes (like climate change and addressing poverty), and has done more to bring the Republican message to the masses than any other leader in recent history.
        • He’s begging for his job here. He knows that several county Republican committees have voted against his leadership.
      • “Going forward, Republicans simply can’t wait another decade to do things differently. We must step out of our comfort zones. We must listen closely to the state’s diverse voices. We must acknowledge and embrace our state’s uniqueness. And we must offer bold policy proposals that improve California and the lives of its residents. This is the challenge before us.”
        • He’s not wrong here. At least he understands the problem. The issue is he’s going about the solution all wrong. He should be flirting with more libertarian ideas, rather than liberal ones.
  • Chad Mayes retains his minority leadership…for now.

California Story – Democratic Chair Race Settled…Or Is It?


  • The California Democratic Party has rejected Bay Area activist Kimberly Ellis’ final appeal of the DNC Chair position.
    • “Today was yet another missed opportunity for us to get the Democratic Party back on track. As we’ve said from the onset, we were committed to going through the internal process before deciding what’s next. We’re now soliciting feedback from key supporters and deciding where we go from here,” Ellis said.
      • This is another example of the California Democratic Party eating their own.
        • The more fringe Bernie Sanders Democrats are railing against the more traditional Hillary Clinton-type Democrats.
        • This goes back to the Chad Mayes story. The California Republican Party is so unthreatening that Democrats have to look to each other for challenges.
    • “Ellis said from the outset that she expected her challenge to the election of Eric Bauman as party chairman to be dismissed, saying the process was biased in favor of her rival. She’s also indicated her next step may be to take her case to court.”
      • Basically, she’s going to sue the California Democratic Party over the election. She claims she knew it would always come down to this.
        • What is her end game here? Is she trying to drive California Democrats even further left? As if the People’s Republic of California wasn’t liberal enough?
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