01 Sep

Reckless Naivete Regarding Newman

I met Senator Josh Newman. I voted for him. I went to his swearing in Ceremony at Cal State University Fullerton. I generally like the guy and half-jokingly tried to talk him out of the bear suit and blimp used during his campaign.

Then he voted to raise my taxes & insulted both my intelligence and the intelligence of anybody paying attention by regurgitating party talking points. He tried to hoodwink us into believing that he didn’t want to raise our taxes but could see no other way to fix our failing infrastructure. He fell line behind “Freeloader” Jerry Brown and race-baiting ideologue Kevin de Leon.

While talking about the recall effort with the Sacramento Bee on he is quoted as saying;

“I don’t think it will work, and it reeks of the worst kind of cynical politics,” Newman said.

Do you want to know what reeks of the worst kind of cynical politics? Lying to your voters and being disingenuous about the facts on the ground.

In that same article he justifies the gas tax by saying “We’re not borrowing money. We’re not passing the buck to the next generation. Unfortunately, there is a massive backlog that must be addressed.”

The boondoggle of High Speed Rail is not a massive backlog that must be addressed. That’s a pipe-dream that Governor “Freeloader” Brown won’t let die even if it bankrupts California to make it happen.

Why bring up High Speed Rail again? Because Senator Newman hinged his vote for SB1 on the passage of ACA5 which he touts as a “Lockbox” to make sure transportation funds are spent on transportation.

The trouble with his “lockbox” is that the increased gas and diesel excise taxes are essentially exempted. Sure, the money has to be used for “transportation purposes” but that phrase has such a loose meaning that everything and anything can get thrown under it come budget time.

High Speed Rail in California, which won’t be High Speed, is being financed through “General Obligation Bonds” and the only part thing ACA5 protects from being thrown into those bond payments are the vehicle registration fee increases.

That reeks of the worst kind of cynical politics.

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