06 Sep

Episode 18 – Identity Politics

Identity Politics

In this episode we get back in the swing of things by discussing the latest recall updates in California’s 29th state senate district. It seems like everyone in power in California is throwing everything they can at this recall to try to derail it. We then get into a lengthy discussion about the rampant virtue signaling going on in California on the subject of identity politics and the problems those kinds of politics produce.

Recall Update – Still No Certification from SoS Alex Padilla


  • County registrars from all 3 counties in the 29th District have certified/verified the signatures necessary to trigger the recall of Josh Newman.
  • Secretary of State Alex Padilla has yet to certify the results of the signature gathering effort.
    • There is a theory that Padilla might be stalling so the recall election would be rolled into the June 2018 statewide primary election, allowing Newman’s team more time to prepare and fundraise.
  • There are still people trying to sell the idea that the majority of people who signed the recall petition had no idea what they were signing.

California Story – Virtue Signaling to the Extreme




  • California politicians are falling all over themselves to decry Trump at every turn.
    • His decision to end DACA is the latest example.
      • How does Attorney General Xavier Becerra plan to argue that eliminating a program that was enacted by executive order via a new executive order is unconstitutional? Especially when Obama’s DACA order has been challenged (thought never ruled on by the US Supreme Court).
    • This has led to a surge in identity politics.
  • There’s an overall smugness, particularly in California politics, but really overall in the country.
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