02 Oct

Episode 22 – CA Demagoguery on Display


Tonight we break down the demagoguery of politicians standing on the bodies of innocents before the family’s have all been notified of their losses. We discuss CA moving the primary to March & legislators wanting to ban gas powered vehicles by 2040 and the folly of Gov. Jerry Brown going for a redux of his ’70s water failures.

California’s legislators go All-In on Demagoguery


Newsom Press Release - LV

Rendon Tweet - LV


Has Gavin Newsom ‘flip-flopped’ on California’s high-speed rail?


  • Newsom went on to tell Shapiro:”We don’t have the federal dollars we were hoping for … the private sector hasn’t stepped up.”
    Shapiro then asked: “If you had your druthers, Gavin, would you kill the thing?”
    Newsom responded: “I would take the dollars and redirect it to other, more pressing infrastructure needs. … I am not the only Democrat that feels this way. I gotta tell you, I am one of the few that just said it publicly. Most are now saying it privately.”

High-speed rail in the Valley was once supposed to be done by Saturday. Not even close


  • “People don’t realize  how many handcuffs and constraints were put on this project that have been a challenge to deal with,” said Dan Richard, chairman of the rail authority’s nine-member board. “Every day when we wake up, there are pressures on cost, schedule and scope. Our job is to try to manage those.”
  • “I think a lot of us on the board were skeptical of the 2017 date for all 10 environmental segments being done,” Richard told The Bee. “What you had there was management trying to keep pressure on people to move forward.”“But after you’ve driven people as hard as you can, how do you step back and say we’re just not going to be able to do that – and maintain public confidence?” he asked. “While we were pushing on our contractors to move this forward, it was probably unrealistic to expect that all of these were going to be done by 2017.”

History is repeating itself for Gov. Brown’s delta tunnels project


  • Westlands, providing water for 700 farms in Fresno and Kings counties, was supposed to be a big player in the fix. Brown was counting on it to put up around 20% of the tunnels’ cost. But the board voted 7-1 to bow out.“From Westlands’ perspective, the project is not financially viable,” the board said in a statement. “It cannot support a project that would make water supplies for its farmers unaffordable.”
  • Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom told me two years ago he thought the project was “too aggressive,” and that he preferred something “substantially more modest and substantially less impactful” to the environment.


California lawmaker wants to ban gas car sales after 2040


  • France and the United Kingdom are doing it. So is India. And now one lawmaker would like California to follow their lead in phasing out gasoline- and diesel-fueled vehicles.
    • — Joshua — Nowhere in this article does it mention how much those places get or are trying to get from Nuclear power, something we aren’t even attempting in CA.

California moves its presidential primary to March in push for electoral relevance


  • Backing an effort for California to claim a bigger share of the attention from presidential candidates, Gov. Jerry Brown has signed a bill moving the state’s primary elections to early March.
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