17 Oct

Episode 24 – The Hills of California are Burning

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With Sean still gone for one more week my wife, Tatiana, joins me to lend a female perspective to #MeToo as we discus the Weinstein scandal. We also talk about California burning both literally and figuratively what with thousands of acres ablaze and our no longer needing to have a pesky sexual identifier on our documents.

Tired of it? We also talk California secession. Tatiana also provides some details on the OC Humane Society operating without a license and I rant about local politics.

Rose McGowan accuses Harvey Weinstein of rape


  • She made the accusation via Twitter, adding her name to a growing list of women who have accused Weinstein of wrongdoing in news stories published over the past week.
  • She is the fourth woman to level a rape accusation against Weinstein. The New Yorker previously reported on three other rape allegations — lodged by “former aspiring actress” Lucia Evans, Italian actress Asia Argento and one anonymous source.
    • –Joshua– Assuming everything she says is true, it’s a wonder why more people haven’t come forward. The very idea that people to this day aren’t naming names shows you have pervasive the fear is in Hollywood.
    • –Tatiana– The continued broadening of Twitter Activism like #MeToo to mean anything that bothered you in the past takes away from the actual victims of real crimes.
    • –Joshua / Tatiana– What about the kids that were abused? Why are we still ignoring them while trying to make this about just women? Why did all of these women sit silent and help ignore the allegations made by Haim, Feldman, Wood and others?


California secessionists think their path to independence is easier than Catalonia’s


  • Marin said he knows California secession would still be incredibly difficult without the cooperation of the federal government, but believes California could “annoy” Congress into allowing California to go its own way.
  • “Our state government is very experienced at doing things that undermine the federal government without being unconstitutional,” Marin said, citing California’s sanctuary cities as an example.


California’s wildfires aren’t “natural” — humans made them worse at every step


  • More than 11,000 firefighters over the weekend worked across the state to contain 15 large fires that have already destroyed at least 5,700 homes and businesses. The Tubbs fire in Napa and Sonoma counties alone killed 22 people, making it one of the deadliest wildfires in California history.
  • “When we get wildfires close to residential areas, that’s what makes them extraordinary events,” said Heath Hockenberry, fire weather program manager at the National Weather Service. It’s also getting increasingly hard to keep people at a safe distance from the embers.
    • –Joshua– While terrible it should not be surprising that when you build in a fire area, such as in California where native plant-life literally uses fire to germinate, you should expect fires and prepare for them. http://www.californiachaparral.com/fire/firenature.html
    • “During the past three or four days destructive fires have been raging in San Bernardino, Orange, and San Diego…It is a year of disaster, wide-spread destruction of life and property – and well, a year of horrors.”
      – The Daily Courier, San Bernardino
      , 1899

Californians will no longer have only ‘male’ and ‘female’ as a choice on government documents


  • Californians will soon be able to identify as non-binary, as opposed to male or female, on their driver’s licenses and birth certificates, under a measure signed by Gov. Jerry Brown on Sunday.
  • State Sen. Toni Atkins (D-San Diego) touted her bill, SB 179, as offering a gender-neutral option on state documents for those who are transgender, intersex and others who do not identify as male or female.
  • The new non-binary designation will be available for California driver’s licenses starting in 2019.
  • The law also will make it easier for people to change their gender identity on official documents by doing away with a requirement in current law that individuals undergo clinical treatment before making a change to their birth certificates.
    • –Joshua– This is quickly becoming an issue of why even bother? If our IDs do not match our persons then what function do they have in general?

California permanently eliminates high school exit exam requirement


  • California has permanently scrapped its high school exit exam under legislation signed by Gov. Jerry Brown on Tuesday.
  • The California High School Exit Examination was a requirement to receive a diploma in the state, but the legislature voted in 2015 to drop it for the high school classes of 2015 to 2018. Diplomas were retroactively awarded to anyone who met all other graduation requirements after the test became a mandatory must-pass exam in 2004.
  • That resulted in an estimated 40,000 former high school students receiving their diplomas.
  • The bill signed by Brown, AB830 by Ash Kalra, D-San Jose, permanently eliminates the test.
  • The state canceled the test amid questions about the Exit Exam, which state officials said was not aligned with what’s being taught in schools. It did not match up with a switch to Common Core standards, which emphasize critical thinking rather than rote learning.
    • –Joshua– Why did we buy into Common Core without making sure an Exit Exam existed and why were we unable to create one in the years since?


OC Humane Society Operating w/o a License


OC Humane License Denied

  • OC Humane Society is under investigation… for awhile now. Their kennel license application was denied.
    • –Joshua– It seems nobody is talking about what happened and likely because this group is so tightly tied to local governments.

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