20 Oct

The Long Con of Kevin de León


California Senate Pro Tempore Kevin de León has announced that he is going to be running to represent California in the United States Senate by trying to defeat current incumbent Dianne Feinstein who has been California’s Senator since 1992.

Kevin de León isn’t running against Dianne Feinstein so much as he’s running against Donald Trump and that should worry California voters. While being the newest or loudest anti-Trumper may be a winning strategy in the liberal echo chambers of Sacramento, Los Angeles and San Francisco there isn’t anything positive or reaffirming to be gained by running as de León the demagogue. It doesn’t help that de León seems to have missed both that 3,916,209 Californians voted for Trump and also that Trump is our President and will remain so until at least the start of 2021 whether he likes it or not, impeachment myth notwithstanding.

By offering those nearly 4 million California voters nothing but showboating & scorn he gives them every reason to stay or vote against him. By constantly antagonizing Trump he all but guarantees that every bill he would want to push to accomplish anything legislatively will be a nothing but a dead letter upon arrival.

Just from a strategy standpoint it would seem that California voters would be shooting themselves in the foot to back somebody who is more interested in running against the national (R) majority than in helping Californians. Why would voters want to back somebody who will be able to do nothing for them?

Next year the (D)s needs to defend 25 of their 48 Senate seats nationally while the (R)s only need to defend 9 of their 52 Senate seats. Even if de León were to beat Feinstein and find himself in the Senate the odds of his party beating the (R)s with this Senate map in 2018 are not very high. Even if the (D)s were to take control of the Senate, Donald Trump would still be President and would surely veto any of de León’s bills. As sad as it is in politics the only way to get anything for your State or people is to be in power or to trade favors and votes with those in power. We saw this when Josh Newman helped give the CA (D)s their needed Super-Majority vote to raise the regressive gas and car taxes (SB1) as well as when Chad Mayes (R) sold out his base to vote for higher taxes by way of California’s Cap-and-Trade bill (AB398). With Kevin de León spending nearly every waking breath bemoaning the Trump administration all he is doing is weakening his own position and silencing his own voice in Washington an electoral miracle for the (D)s notwithstanding.

How do de León’s tactics benefit the citizens of California? Our state constantly has it’s collective hand out for Transportation funding (we will misspend), High-Speed Rail funding (we will missspend), Education funding (we will misspend) and on and on and on ad nauseum. Dianne Feinstein, while being truly terrible, at least understand that she is in a position of weakness party wise and needs to work with people at least to a point if she wants to help or bribe anybody in California with federal gravy. Kevin de León seems to think that he’ll get his way Californians be damned. He likely hopes to beat Feinstein and then ride out the Trump administration in the hopes that somebody else takes the White House in 2020 at which point he’ll become relevant in the Senate provided the (R)s don’t maintain control in the upper chamber. It is a long con for de León with him hoping that Californians will be willing to forward his political career while getting nothing in return but the ire of the nation.

Lest anybody try to argue that Kevin de León is simply fighting the Trump administration from some moral high ground we should remember that this is the same guy who demagogued the gun control issue after the Las Vegas shooting before the bodies were even identified. To compound that problem he is also the same person who hired former Attorney General Eric Holder to sue the Trump administration despite Holder overseeing the “Fast and Furious” gun running scandal which sent hundreds of firearms into the hands of cartels one of which was used to kill a Border Patrol agent.

Kevin de León needs to offer the voters of California something more substantial than grandstanding and tomfoolery if he expects to be our next Senator. I can find no affirmative reason to vote for the man in any of his speeches or votes. “de León the Demagogue” should be teaming up with Batroc the Leaper to fight Spider-Man and not trying to misrepresent the good people of the Golden State in our nation’s capitol.

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