23 Oct

Episode 25 – Something Something Kevin de Leon

The Mirror Mirror version of Kevin de Leon

Sean is finally back from his wedding, and he and Joshua are taking the occasion to discuss Kevin de Leon, among other things. We also get into a discussion about the new border wall prototypes being showcased in San Diego. If that wasn’t enough, we have a lengthy talk about the culture in Sacramento that forced over 300 women to come forward with stories of abuse or sexual misconduct at the hands of our very own legislators.

Kevin de Leon introduced the bill to divest CalPERS from Thermal Coal.



Kevin de Leon also introduced a bill that would prohibit police from being punished for being Brady Officers (if I’m reading the bill correctly).


Anti-Gun Senator Is Being Mocked Relentlessly After He Warned of ’30 Magazine Clips’ in Embarrassing Video


  • “This is a ghost gun,” de Leon begins, holding an unloaded rifle in his hands. “This right here has the ability with a .30-caliber clip to disperse with 30 bullets within half a second. Thirty magazine clip in half a second.”


New border wall prototypes on display in San Diego

Sacramento is suffering from a crisis of sexual abuse.


Kevin de Leon makes a statement about the sexual assault claims in Sacramento.


California Democrats have a problem with sexual assault in their own party.

Half-dozen women allege sexual harassment at union, Orange County Democratic Party headquarters

California Republicans are content to remain ineffectual and unimportant in California.

CA GOP: Leadership Backs Top 2 Election Format & Consolidates Power At Top

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