02 Nov

Newman Pushing SB1 Propaganda

Newman Brown Wallets
Newman SB1 Lie
Senator Josh Newman is a liar and/or the State of California is spending money it has yet to collect on projects of dubious justification. He is claiming that the funds from the gas tax is being used already to streamline projects. However SB1’s added tax on your yearly vehicle registration fee doesn’t start until January 2018 while SB1’s new tax on Zero Emission vehicles doesn’t start until July of 2020.
SB1 Dates
The Gas & Diesel Fuel taxes which went into effect yesterday won’t be remitted to the State until the End of NEXT month. Those taxes are not paid immediately by the fueling stations which collect them from you each time your fill up.
Excise Tax Due Dates
This means that the State of California has yet to receive a single dime from the newest taxes on California’s working poor. At the earliest the State of California will receive fuel excise taxes from retailers at the end of December for the taxes collected from you, the driver, in November.
But Josh Newman doesn’t care about facts or what’s best for the residents of California. He is more interested in pushing out propaganda to justify yet another tax breaking the backs of Californians while the legislature ignores the fiscal problems they themselves created and continue to create.
When asked where the previous tax money had gone and why our roads weren’t being repaired Newman equivocated and demurred that he wasn’t here then and was interested in looking forward. He has no interest, as is evidenced by the bills he has voted upon and introduced, to fix our broken government. Instead Newman wants to do what every CA (D) always wants to do and that’s simply tax us into oblivion while he perpetually runs for re-election.
Newman sold himself as a fiscally responsible (D) and instead has proven himself to be a fraud and just another thief in the legislature looking out for his own interests.
With the fuel tax increase that arrived yesterday Christmas will be more difficult now that Josh Newman and his pick-pocketing friends in Sacramento have made all of our wallets that much lighter.
Unlike the Grinch of our childhoods don’t expect Newman or Brown to give back what they have stolen from us because they’d have to have hearts for them to grow one, let alone three sizes.
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One thought on “Newman Pushing SB1 Propaganda

  1. Thank you for this reality check; Senator Newman’s penchant for self-promotion by way of studied, deliberate misinformation will prove the ultimate motivator for masses of non-partisan voters like you (and registered Democrats like myself) who now seek to uncheck our past votes of confidence for him.

    Josh Newman’s pre-election promise to serve as a political centrist for the people proved no more credible once in office than his equally distorted campaign image as an accomplished veterans’ advocate. His senate voting record soon revealed the aptitude of a milquetoast party conformist and the eventual exposés on his defunct nonprofit for soldiers seeking career opportunities at home sadly uncovered more of the same about Newman: a sophomoric reliance on conventional rather than critical problem-solving to produce either unnecessary redundancies (as in the case of his duplicative job search site for vets) or, worse yet, fiscally irresponsible ones (as in the superfluous addition of even more tax dollars to exacerbate the still unresolved issue of mismanaged transportation costs).

    When the truly well-intentioned make mistakes, they correct course. Senator Newman instead continues to compromise his own integrity and his original base of supportive constituents when he chooses time and again to try and conceal the truth of reality.

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