06 Sep

Episode 18 – Identity Politics

Identity Politics

In this episode we get back in the swing of things by discussing the latest recall updates in California’s 29th state senate district. It seems like everyone in power in California is throwing everything they can at this recall to try to derail it. We then get into a lengthy discussion about the rampant virtue signaling going on in California on the subject of identity politics and the problems those kinds of politics produce. Read More

21 Aug

Episode 17 – Unlimited Solar Power!

The Disney Solar Power Afternoon.

In this episode we spend a good deal of time talking about solar power and the pros and cons of its use. Our guest Erik Wehn gives us some insider information about the electrical industry and public utilities. You can check out all the charts we discussed here. Then we get into the recall and Chad Mayes’ nonsense in Sacramento. Man, it’s getting crazy around here. Read More

14 Aug

Episode 16 – Score One for the Good Guys

Where California gets its appeals.

California’s appellate court has come down with a surprise ruling on SB96. They’ve put a stay on the law pending further clarification from our own Secretary of State Alex Padilla. That means that it’s entirely plausible, and, indeed likely that, should the signatures be certified by Orange, Los Angeles, and San Bernardino Counties, we might see a recall election as early as the fall. That would be great news for those of us who are aching to oust Newman from his seat. Read More

07 Aug

Episode 15 – Fanfare for the Common Man

Jerry Brown's Magnum Opus.

We are back! After a brief work vacation, we’re back at it jumping into all the important stories around Orange County and California. We have an update on the latest news concerning the recall of State Sen. Josh Newman. We also dive into some economic news about California’s future. The common man is a big topic of interest for our own Jerry Brown. He want to appeal to us common men to get the democrats more seat at the table. As if they don’t have enough already. Read More

17 Jul

Episode 13 – Cause of Death: Cap and Trade

The cause of death was Cap and Trade

Cap and Trade has been extended in California until at least 2030, and Jerry Brown couldn’t be happier. He sold his soul to ensure California businesses and, most importantly, residents will be forced to struggle for their very existence. We aren’t very positive in this episode. Yet again, a Republican has broken rank and sold out the rest of the state in order to ensure Jerry Brown’s legacy. We break down what will probably happen, and it isn’t good. Read More