17 Jan

Season 2, Episode 2 – Good Riddance Ed Royce

Ed Royce (R-Military Industrial Complex) is retiring from the US House of Representatives and we look at some of his challengers and a little bit of his record.

Joshua also responds to comments from the FBLive broadcast and learns never to fall down that rabbit hole again as it totally sidetracks the show.

19 Jun

Episode 9 – Turning Dirty Tricks for Higher Pay

The prostitutes are dirty. So dirty.

This episode is just chalk full of dirty tricks. In it we get into a pretty lengthy update on the recall in state senate district 29. There are dirty tricks afoot. We also get into the pay raises that our legislators and constitutional officers just received from a governor appointed committee. Then there’s the findings of the grand jury in the OCDA/OC Sheriff jailhouse informant scandal. Oh, did you know Rep. Ed Royce has a new challenger for his congressional seat? Well he does, and we delve into that. Finally, we get into the burgeoning ecological and health related nightmare that’s brewing in the Salton Sea. Read More