18 Apr

Welcome to The Hourly Struggle

Where the Struggle of the Hour is Between Ignorance and Intelligence

Those words were spoken on 29 January 1861 when Orson Smith Murray delivered a discourse at the Paine Celebration in Cincinnati. In it he said the following:

All this results from Union with a system that makes labor disreputable, and cheating reputable — that makes it honorable, professional business to preach and publish falsehood, to keep knowledge from the producers, that the consumers may have advantage of them. They who have to get on, by such base advantages, are moral bankrupts. They ean’t pay their debts to humanity in currency. They are counterfeiters. They haven’t the genuine coin.

The struggle of the hour is between brute force and reason ; between suppression and speech ; between religion and righteousness; between money and humanity ; between misanthropy and philanthropy; between ignorance and intelligence; between restraint and development.

Ignorance and Intelligence. That has always, and will always, ring true. Ability permitting it is time to add some new voices to the struggle in favor of intelligence.

Today is the launch of a new endeavor in the form of a Podcast as well as a website to both host and expand upon the things discussed on said podcast. Over the course of this show it is hoped that many topics of great concern will be addressed. It is just as likely that a lot of yelling will occur. As is the nature of politics it will be reactionary to the world around us with a special emphasis on Orange County, specifically the Brea/Fullerton region, as well as California in general. It’s not that the rest of California or America in general aren’t as important. Well, okay it is maybe some of that. It’s also that there is simply too much ignorance to go around and the focus had to be put somewhere.

There is no better day to launch a website on government than Tax Day. The podcast should launch later in the week.

Welcome to The Hourly Struggle. Buckle up as there are a lot of potholes on the road to freedom.