23 Feb

Season 2, Episode 8 – Senator Mendoza Resigns Due to MeToo?

In this episode —

Story 1 —

Will Trump pull I.C.E. and Border Patrol out of CA? Of course not but it’s pretty funny that he’d say it considering all of the caterwauling the (D)s do against him every single day. Mess with the bull and all that. Of course he doesn’t mean it so this is a #NothingBurger story that is just meant to amuse and or rile up specific people.

Story 2 —

Senator Tony Mendoza has resigned from the California legislature over #MeToo allegations, or owing to a witch hunt fueled by Kevin de Leon’s desire to ingratiate himself into that movement depending on whom you believe here. Another Senator, Cristina Garcia, is on leave for allegations which throws the premise of 2016’s Prop 50 into question.

While the first pair of allegations make for interesting and sad reading the third allegation takes the whole #MeToo movement and spritzes it with moral relativism.

From the article:

Mendoza repeatedly sent her text messages, some late at night with comments such as “thinking of you” and ending with a smiley face, she said.

Either this is fishing expedition, there is more going on here that isn’t be discussed or we’re jumped the shark of accusations of sexual misconduct.

This leads us into a segue to talk about Rape Culture, some of the stories that have confused the issue such as the UVA Rape Hoax and how “Rape Culture” ignores the prison problem.