02 Jan

Season 2, Episode 1 – …and We Are Back

After a brief commercial break we are back with a new host and a new newness that’s totally new.

In Season 2, Episode 1 we start the New Year by letting you know some of the laws that are changing here in California. One in the right direction, most stupid or bad. Welcome to California.

We mostly just run through this list from KCRA in semi-reverse order:


We also outline a few things that we plan to change and I totally muck up the technology and make an utter disaster of things. Yay!

03 Jun

Sacramento Only Wants to Save Some Lives

On 22 May 2017 the California Senate voted to require homeowners with pools, or looking to build pools, to double their safety efforts. SB442, introduced by State Senator Newman, is aimed at saving the lives of children by requiring 2 of 7 State approved safety items be utilized instead of the current legally mandated 1 of 7.

In 2014, the most recent listed, California had 33 Pool-related drownings and 19 “Other” drownings for children aged 0-5.

While this might sound like a good idea to those who want the state to get more involved in the safety in and around your home, I would point out SB20 which passed the Senate a month earlier on 20 April 2017.

SB20 is a bill requiring buses to have seat-belts. Also for safety. Except for your children.

From the text of the bill:

The bill would specify that it does these provisions do not apply to schoolbuses.

For the sake of consistency it should be pointed out that the author of SB442, Senator Josh Newman, likewise voted for SB20.

One has to question the Senate’s commitment to safety when they will vote to require private property owners to add more safety around pools while exempting school buses from having basic safety requirements.