01 Jun

Another Case to Recall Senator Josh Newman

Newman at Podium

Today the (D)s in the California State Senate passed SB562 which is the single payer healthcare take-over known as the Healthy California Act. This bill will put health insurance companies out of business in California and will cost the state $400Billion which is twice the general fund. It relies heavily of Federal funding and yet covers illegal immigrants which precludes California from getting said Federal funding.


Regardless of your stance on illegal immigration one cannot help but wonder about the magnetic effect of voting to turn California into a Sanctuary State (SB54 which Newman voted for) and then offering free healthcare to every resident when:

(x) “Resident” means an individual whose primary place of abode is in the state, without regard to the individual’s immigration status.

This is not sound fiscal policy in the slightest. It’s an insult to taxpayers who have watched countless businesses flee the hostility of Sacramento. It’s an insult to the people who have yet to come to terms with a legislature that robs us blind to pay for their pork only to demand more at every turn.

When Senator Newman voted to pass SB562 he personally voted to put the over 2,000 people who work for United Health out of a job in his district city of Cypress alone. We have no idea how badly this will hurt St. Jude which is a major employer in Fullerton which is another of his constituent cities. Add to that the other countless jobs which will cease to exist if SB562 comes to fruition.

This will have far reaching ramifications for our state as well as our local communities and yet State Senator Josh Newman, who is currently facing a recall for his vote on SB1, opted to vote with his liberal caucus and against taxpayers once again to push an agenda that is out of step with reality.

Allow me to quote Josh Newman directly from a meeting with the Democratic Party of North Orange County:

“The problem with 562 as it’s come through so far Gorden is there is no plausible plan for the implementation of a single player system.”


“If we don’t have $5Billion for transportation I’m not clear where we’re coming up with $200Billion.”

There is “no plausible plan”. His own words. He knows this system can’t be funded without major taxes and without taking on the insurance and medical industries but none of that matters because it gets in the way of the narrative.

Newman abstained on SB562 in committee because he knew, as you can hear in the above audio, that there was no funding. Yet here we find ourselves on 01 June 2017 with him voting for that very bill despite still having no source of funding beyond a mythical “feasibility study” which will somehow show how Single Payer will be funded.

One of the major arguments I keep hearing against recalling Senator Newman is that he’s a new Senator and we should wait and vote him out in 4 years. In less than 6 months he’s voted to tax working Californians FOREVER with the inflation adjusted and never-sun-setting SB1 & to pass a bill he himself knows has no funding source despite costing twice California’s general fund.

We literally cannot afford for him to keep on casting these types of votes. While he and his allies in Sacramento won’t be touched by these costs, these taxes and these fees such cannot be said for the rest of California.

Am I being dramatic? Resorting to hyperbole? Not at all.  From that same meeting when asked why the (D)s aren’t talking about oil extraction fees Newman responded “I agree”. When asked about fixing the Prop13 assessment “loophole” to make businesses “pay their fair share” Newman responded “I couldn’t agree more”.

Newman has admitted publicly that he wants to raise taxes and add fees and yet he hasn’t once given a speech or put out an Op-Ed detailing how to better spend the money Sacramento already takes in year after year after year.

With his short voting record Senator Newman has proven that he is not a taxpayer or business friendly candidate inside a hostile party. He has unequivocally proven that he is a taxpayer hostile candidate who is one in the same with the party leadership to whom he promised he wouldn’t find himself beholden during the campaign. Less than 6 months into his office and if he is anything it is beholden to the tax-and-spend craziness that would rather attack President Trump than work to solve problems for everyday California.

It makes me both sad and angry that Josh Newman has betrayed my trust and my vote because I like the guy well enough. I wish him no ill will but I as a working Californian cannot afford to let him drive my home state further into the ground. If recalling Newman can help put an end to this super-majority insanity then I’m all in against him because his votes thus far have been all-in against me, my family and all of the hardworking Californians who deserve better from their government.