10 Jul

Episode 12 – Democrats vs Democrats

The battle of the century!

Episode 12 – Democrats vs Democrats

The Democrats really decided to screw the pooch on this one. Instead of arguing policy or politics, they chose to go low and sue college students. Classy. We discuss the democrats’ lawsuit against CSUF’s College Republicans in their latest effort to invalidate the recall of Josh Newman. But it doesn’t stop there. Apparently, some democrats aren’t democraty enough for the progressive wing of their own party. There is a civil war a-brewin’ in the democrat caucus, and we’re all getting seats to watch the fireworks. As we discuss the civil war, we also bring up the fact that the democrats didn’t really plan out SB562, the universal healthcare bill, very well. Prop 98, the mandatory school funding measure passed in 1988, kinda puts a damper on any increase in the budget to pay for single-payer. Finally, we way the merits of declaring 4 different nuts the official state nut. Super important work going on in Sacramento.

Recall Update – CA Democratic Party Sues CSUF Students


  • Three members of CSUF’s College Republicans group were named in a new lawsuit filed by the California Democratic Party.
    • The lawsuit claims the offending young conservatives purposely misled voters into signing the petition to recall Josh Newman.
    • “The suit names Amanda McGuire, Brooke Paz, and Ryan Hoskins as defendants in the suit, for volunteering their weekends to talk to constituents about the cost of Newman’s vote to the district’s taxpayers.”
  • Quotes from the Daily Wire:
    • Amanda McGuire, who is Vice-President of the College Republicans, asserted that “the lawsuit is a shameful and frantic attempt to silence voters of the district. The intimidation tactics espoused by the California Democrats should no longer be tolerated. It’s gone too far when college students are being dragged into court for becoming involved with the issues faced by their local cities. I’m proud to be a part of the party that fights to fix our government on every level.”
    • “This lawsuit is the definition of frivolous, and more than that, an obstruction of the very processes that every Californian should hold dear,” Ryan Hoskins, Secretary of the College Republicans said in a written statement. “By naming myself and my fellow club members as defendants on this lawsuit, the California Democrats are attempting to scare us into backing down from this signature gathering effort. They will not succeed in breaking our spirit, and with the support of the California Republican Party, we will fight it in the court of law.”
  • This is a bad look for the Democrats.
    • They seem like bullies. They seem petty.
    • This is just another in an ever increasing line of desperate attempts to maintain their power and supermajority.

California Story – Democratic Civil War


  • California’s Democratic Party is engaged in a civil war.
    • On one side there is the establishment democrats – moderate corporatists like Nancy Pelosi.
    • On the other is the much more left-wing Bernie Sanders-type democrats who advocate for far more socialist programs.
      • Like the universal healthcare bill – SB562
  • With no real opposition from the CA GOP, democrats are left to fight with each other over policy.
    • “We’re on the same team,” said Assemblyman Reggie Jones-Sawyer, chairman of the Assembly’s progressive caucus. “We should not be fighting one another. We should argue with one another. … It should not devolve into something where it could tear the party apart.”
  • The more progressive wing of the party is banking on the anti-Trump sentiment in California to fuel a sprint to the far left.
    • We essentially have democrats trying to out-democrat each other.
    • “It’s more than a disappointment, watching how it plays out there in California,” said Donna Smith, executive director of Progressive Democrats of America. “For Democrats, for progressives, [health care] really encompasses everything that’s going on in the country at the moment. And California … is so critical, and California is this incubator of what happens in Democratic politics.”
  • A lot of this stems from Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon shelving the Single-Payer Healthcare bill.
    • The Nurses Union has said they will fund primary challenges against Rendon in the next election.
    • Basically, if you aren’t the right kind of Democrat, some group will fund the campaign of someone else who is.

California Story – Prop 98 Is Blocking Single-Payer in CA

How California’s Prop 98 Is Blocking Single-Payer

  • Prop 98 – passed in 1988, requires that a minimum of 40% of California’s general fund spending is to be spent on education and the actual percentage of the general fund spent on education is over 50%.
    • This was an unintended consequence of Prop 13.
      • When the property taxes that made up the bulk of education funding started drying up after Prop 13 was passed, education activists pushed Prop 98 to ensure education was always funded.
  • Basically, if Single-Payer is passed in California and the budget is increase by $200 or $400 billion dollars, 40%-50% of that new budget is required to be spent on education.
    • Any new amounted added to the budget is subject to the requirements of Prop 98.
      • Prop 98 can be suspended by a 2/3 vote of the legislature, which it has been twice during economic downturns.
      • It cannot be suspended indefinitely because each time it is suspended it requires the funding lost due to the suspension to be made up next fiscal year.
        • Continually suspending Prop 98 would lead to an ever-increasing debt obligation that would be forced onto future budgets.
        • Someone would inevitably sue over continued suspension of Prop 98.
  • The only way to get around this would be to pass another initiative to revoke Prop 98.
    • I suspect the California Teachers Union might have something to say about that.

California Story – CA GOP Sweats Trump Effect


  • Assemblyman Travis Allen is proud of his vote for Trump in the 2016 election.
    • Of the 3 republicans who have announced their intent to run for Governor in 2018, he is the only one who voted for Trump.
  • He claims the 4.4 million people who voted for Trump in California will respect and appreciate his vote for Trump.
    • Nearly double that voted for Clinton, so maybe touting your vote for Trump isn’t the best way to get elected governor.
    • Thanks to Trump — whose approval rating in California is just 27 percent and who lost the popular vote by 4 million votes here — getting to the governorship is “almost an insurmountable mountain for Republicans to climb,’’ said USC political analyst Sherry Bebitch Jeffe.
    • Couple that with the Top Two Primary system we have in California and he’s basically killed his chances by highlighting his presidential vote.

California Bill AB1067 Names 4 Nuts the “State Nut”


  • Existing law declares the official state animal, rock, mineral, grass, insect, bird, and marine fish, among other things.
  • This bill would make the almond, walnut, pistachio, and pecan each the official state nut.
    • None of which are botanical nuts.
    • Jerry Brown signed it into law today.
    • https://www.gov.ca.gov/news.php?id=19868
    • While the Assembly had 6 and the Senate had 7 “No Votes Recorded” not a single legislator voted against this “State Nut” bill. Because California cannot have enough nuts apparently. Even on ceremonial nonsense bills used for marketing purposes the State can’t make tough calls and just pick something.
    • Do we really need a State Nut? Let alone 4?


26 Jun

Episode 10 – Wanna Buy Some Legislators?

I got all the legislators you need.

Hey kids, wanna buy some legislators?

In this episode we delve into the latest information on the recall in California state senate district 29. We also discuss the messaging from Reform California and Carl DeMaio and how problematic it is and will be unless something changes. The OCDA is also on the menu as we talk about the latest black eye for the department. Joshua and Sean then go into a long discussion about the lack of accountability in Sacramento. No one is held accountable for anything they do in the legislature.

Recall Update

Carl DeMaio sent an email today saying they are approaching the June 30th deadline to collect petitions.

  • What June 30th deadline? What is he talking about?
    • Self-imposed deadline.
  • His messaging is so bad. Even his emails are confusing.

No real update other than that.

  • The budget was passed with the language to change the way recalls are held in California.
  • Newman has said he won’t take the 3% raise the government gave itself.
  • Anything else?

Local Story – Another Blow to the OCDA


  • “The Fourth District Court of Appeal Friday unanimously upheld a ruling that prosecutors with the Orange County District Attorney improperly withheld information from defense attorneys and misused a jailhouse informant, meaning a third trial for Henry Rodriguez, who has been convicted twice for aiding another man in the 1998 double murder of Jeanette Espeleta and her unborn child.”
  • This ruling stands in stark contrast to the findings of the OC grand jury two weeks ago.
    • The grand jury found that there was no system-wide  illegal use of jailhouse informants in OC jails by the OCDA and facilitated by the OC sheriff’s department.
    • This ruling found that the district attorney’s office improperly withheld information form defense attorneys and misusing a jailhouse informant in the case of Henry Rodriguez.
      • This is the 3rd time this case will be retried. How much has this cost taxpayers? How much will it cost?
        • How many cases have been retried because of this scandal? How many will?
        • Why is Tony Rackauckas still in office?
          • He’s up for reelection in 2018.

Local Story – Family Buried the Wrong Man


  • Elderly man buried what he thought was his dead son, only to find his son alive and well.
  • Frank Kerrigan, who is 57, homeless, and suffers from mental illness, was identified by the OC Coroner.
    • The coroner’s office insisted there was no need for the family to come in to identify the body since they’d already identified him by fingerprints.
      • Turns out, this wasn’t actually the case.
  • Frank’s sister went a Verizon store in Fountain Valley where authorities had found her brother’s “body.”
    • Coroner officials told his sister Frank had died peacefully, but she found blood and dirty blankets in the spot where his body was located.
  • Frank’s father was so overcome with grief at the funeral that he believed the body he saw in the casket was actually his son.
  • So how did the coroner misidentify the body?
    • “Someone” told authorities that the body they found outside the Verizon store looked like Frank.
      • Authorities ran his fingerprints, but they weren’t a match.
      • They then used an old driver’s license photo of Frank to make a visual ID.
  • After the family told the coroner’s office Frank was alive, they were informed that the coroner had run the fingerprints again and that they had matched another person.
    • That was on June 1. “Frank’s” funeral was on May 12 and cost the family $20,000.
  • The family is suing the OC sheriff’s department for emotional damage, and probably to recoup their financial losses.
  • The biggest question I have is whom did they bury?

California Story – Single-Payer Healthcare Has Been Shelved…For Now


  • California Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon shelved the Healthy California Act.
    • Rendon says he supported the concept of a single-payer program, but that the bill passed by the senate had too many problems.
      • “Even senators who voted for SB 562 noted there are potentially fatal flaws in the bill,” he said in a statement issued late Friday afternoon, “including the fact it does not address many serious issues, such as financing, delivery of care, cost controls or the realities of needed action by the Trump administration and voters to make SB 562 a genuine piece of legislation. In light of this, I have decided SB 562 will remain in the Assembly Rules Committee until further notice.”
      • “I think the surprise is that he didn’t kill it quietly through the suspense process,” said Thad Kousser, a political science professor at UC San Diego, referring to the “suspense file” where appropriations committees often place costly bills and decide their fate all at once. “That’s where expensive bills go to die without anyone having to take a public stand against them.”
    • The Nurses Union suggested Rendon might be in the pocket of the insurance industry.
    • The SEIU spokesman was happy that the topic of universal healthcare was even broached.
    • The bill’s authors were sad it was shelved, but expressed hope that it would be addressed later in the year.
      • Rendon stated that the bill isn’t dead.
    • Republicans point out that there are numerous problems with the bill.

California Story – Travis Allen is Running For Governor


  • Allen has thrown his hat in the ring along with several others.
    • Are running
      • Gavin Newson (D) – Lieutenant Governor
      • John Chiang (D) – Treasurer
      • Antonio Villariagosa (D) – Former mayor of LA
      • Delaine Eastin (D) – Former state superintendent of public education
      • John Cox (R) – Venture capitalist
      • Travis Allen (R) – State assemblyman
      • Rosey Grier (R) – Hall of fame football player for the LA Rams
    • Likely to run
      • David Hadly (R) – State assemblyman
      • Zoltan Istvan (L) – Former Transhumanist Party candidate for president
      • Kevin Faulconer (R) – Former San Diego mayor and councilman
      • Eric Garcetti (D) – LA Mayor
      • Tom Steyer (D) – Hedge fund manager
      • Ashley Swearengin (R) – Former mayor of Fresno (supported HSR)
      • Steve Westly (D) – Venture capitalist
25 May

Alternative Facts about The Hourly Struggle

Twain Truth

Much like Mark Twain’s adage about truth getting in the way of a good story, some folks never let facts get in the way of a good argument. This has led to the preponderance of what are now known as Alternative Facts which when I was a youngster we simply called “Factoids” or “Not Facts”.

Lately the (D)s of California have been on the offensive with their #AlternativeFacts thanks to the effort to recall State Senator Josh Newman owing to his vote to raise taxes. Amazingly the (D)s have been 100% on message and it looks like we here at The Hourly Struggle have become a target for their version of the truth.

To be fair they’ll also saying people should boycott stores where recall petition gatherers are located because (D)s don’t understand public property and the 1st Amendment.

To understand what I’m talking about here I offer an example that was sent to me from the NextDoor social network for local neighborhoods. This comment happened to be in my area (hence my screenshot) yet it would be safe to assume it’s in other neighborhoods:

NextDoor Lies about The Hourly Struggle

#AlternativeFacts on NextDoor

The first few comments were standard fare (D) support for Newman followed by a few anti-Newman comments before I jumped into the fray.

Here’s the issue. It’s lies. I’m sorry, I mean #AlternativeFacts or #FakeNews or whatever the propaganda minster has decreed today.

First off neither Sean nor myself are (R)s. I’ve been registered as “Decline to State”, which is now called “No Party Preference” in California, since I registered to vote at age 18. I nearly joined the (L) party once but I’ve never been a member of the GOP or any other party.  Likewise Sean is not a member of the GOP. To claim otherwise is an outright lie. To further claim that we’re simply “crybabies” owing to a lost (R) seat, when we both voted FOR Newman, is to stretch the truth beyond recognition and into  the realm of #AlternativeFacts.

Next is the little issue concerning our lack of connection to the recall against State Senator Josh Newman. We haven’t been, nor have we claimed to be, collecting signatures in any capacity. We are not affiliated with Carl DeMaio out of San Diego who is running the recall effort. We also are not connected to Travis Allen out of Huntington Beach who is running an effort to bring a gas tax repeal initiative to the ballot.

While we support these efforts we are not in fact connected to either campaign. Pesky things those facts can be sometimes. That’s a lot of lying in one little paragraph.

But this is the new normal. We’ve seen these same type of factoids and accusations popping up on our Facebook, Twitter, website here and apparently we’re being slammed on Nextdoor and other social networks. All the same lies being perpetuated by the same people supporting the robbing of taxpayers to support the largess of government.

The idiotic part of the attacks on us is that, as stated above, we both voted FOR Newman over his (R) opposition. Newman is a likeable guy who played up his veteran status and his desire to not be a tool of his party. His voting record betrayed that and thus betrayed our votes for him. You cannot continue to have my support when you vote to rob more Californians via higher taxes. Nobody in Sacramento cares how money is spent and voting to add more taxes without ever holding the system to account is dishonorable and ethically reprehensible.

I look at Josh Newman the way I look at a lot of people in that he’s somebody I like but I don’t think he’s suited to the job he has chosen. I don’t think he’s a bad guy and I’d have a beer with him anytime but he’s wrong in a way that is bad for all of California and worse for taxpayers. I stand by the point that I like Josh Newman as a person but that doesn’t translate into blind loyalty or continued support when he hasn’t earned it.

I cannot trust that he won’t vote to further bankrupt working Californians as his party is wont to do. I cannot trust that he won’t vote to drive businesses from our state as is also his party’s wont. If my choice is between wanting a recall or waiting for 4 years to stem the tide of fiscal lunacy I’ll take recall every time. He’s in my district and I voted for him and I feel betrayed by his voting record so I want him recalled and that’s where it ends.

Frankly I find it laughable that the (D)s have resorted to such obvious lies to make their case to protect Newman. If that’s the best strategy they can come up with then Newman is toast once the recall qualifies.